I write about nature, birdwatching, the outdoors, and conservation issues. I like to share pictures and sometimes my dogs show up. Twitter: @kimclawson2


A moment of awe while observing wildlife

Common Merganser. Photo by Kim Zuch.

In states as dry as Nevada, wetlands are valuable. Rivers, lakes, and ponds draw a variety of wildlife, including ducks and other waterfowl, perching birds, birds of prey, beavers, deer, coyotes, bobcats, and more.

Extended droughts cause some wetlands, including shallow lakes and rivers, to dry up completely. …

Carson City. Photo by Kim Zuch.


Week 32: December 27, 2021-January 2, 2022

Last week, I mentioned that I was worried we wouldn’t get a white Christmas. Those are rare in Northern Nevada. Sometimes it’s warm and sunny, which is perfect hiking weather.

It snowed this year, and the snow kept coming! Last Sunday brought a…

Kim Zuch

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